In The Ladies’ Room With Senator Fred Martin

Sen. Fred Martin

Police Report

Idaho State Senator, Fred Martin, was the subject of a 2014 police report (DR# 2014-401638) by Cpl. Tim Brady of the Boise Police Department.

The report centers around Sen. Martin’s suspicious activity involving presence at Centennial High School after hours on January 24th, 2014. At this time, Cpl. Brady believed that Martin may have hidden a recording device in either the women’s restroom or the girls locker room at the school. A search was undertaken and no devices were found.

Cpl. Brady notes in his police report that “…[Martin] provided several inconsistent and, what appeared to be deceptive statements about his activities on school grounds.” Cpl. Brady also describe Sen. Martin’s demeanor as appearing “very nervous,” exhibited by Sen. Martin’s “shaking hands,” a “hurried walk” and general “reaction” to Cpl. Brady’s explanation for wanting to speak with him.

Sen. Fred Martin was apparently witnessed inside the women’s restroom by a school custodian, an observation that Sen. Martin denies.

Martin was also involved in a similar incident in 2012. That report is supplemental to the complete police report, downloadable below.

Download the complete police reports.

As of this writing, Senator Fred Martin is a 4-term State Senator, representing Legislative District 15. Sen. Martin is currently chairman of the powerful Senate Health and Welfare Committee. He can be reached at the following numbers: Home (208) 447-9000 and Statehouse (208) 332-1407 (Session Only.)

Analysis & Opinion

Sen. Fred Martin’s activity is highly suspicious. According to Cpl. Tim Brady, Sen. Martin offered the police apparently “inconsistent” and “deceptive” statements.

A school custodian claims to have witnessed Martin in the women’s restroom, which Sen. Martin denies. Both accounts cannot be true.

We advise Sen. Fred Martin’s constituents to read the entire police report.