About Us

We Publish What “They” Don’t Want You To See

Boise Leaks is a non-partisan organization dedicated to keeping government honest, transparent and accountable.  We do this by publishing information that the mainstream press, party officials, politicians and bureaucrats don’t want you to see.

Corruption Thrives In The Dark

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Green Party or Libertarian, the one thing we can all agree on is that corruption has no place in good government. We at Boise Leaks believe that corruption only thrives in secrecy. It is our intent to expose corruption wherever and whenever we find it.

Not all public servants are corrupt. We support those of all political parties who serve the public with honesty, integrity and a heart for the will of the people.

Opposition Research

“Opposition research” is a study done by politicians on their political rivals. It is often done specifically to uncover issues that the public might find objectionable in their opponent’s history. Political rivals will no doubt use our reports in their campaigns.

While political rivals may use our reports in their opposition research, Boise Leaks does not engage in opposition research on behalf of any political party, candidate or organization.

Boise Leaks does not endorse or oppose political candidates, political parties, causes or organizations. Boise Leaks promotes transparency in government. Period.

Help Us Help Idaho

Be a whistle-blower!

We encourage honest public servants to expose corruption. We know that this is never easy. Every submission to Boise Leaks is kept in the strictest of confidence. If you uncover suspicious activity, dishonesty, non-disclosure of material facts or wrongdoing of any kind, please, for the good of Idaho, let the public know. Use our contact page to get started.

If you wish more information on secure use of the internet, you should investigate The Tor Project.