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Here’s What We Are Interested In


If you have witnessed corruption, malfeasance or any instance of a violation of public trust by any government agency, government official – elected or otherwise, any person involved with any “public service” foundation or organization, political action committee or lobbyist organization, we would like to hear about it.

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Information

Have you obtained any information that the public should know about? Many public officials have arrest records or other information that they are loath to share with the public.

Information Relating to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Any documented information you have involving any closely guarded secrets of Non Governmental Organizations, 501(c) 4 organizations etc.

Miscellaneous Information Of Potential Public Interest

These might be memberships in controversial organizations or clubs, campaign contribution data, litigation documentation, etc.

Here Is What We Need


Copies of emails, memos, letters, recordings of conversations. You may redact any information that would identify you as the whistle-blower. If you miss something, we’ll do our best to protect your anonymity. Screen shots will sometimes also suffice.

Names, Dates & Times

Names of the individuals involved, their position and the agency they work for. We would also like the name of their direct superior or supervisor if available.

Dates and times the violation of public trust has occurred.

Steps To Insure Your Privacy

We recommend using the TOR browser. It has safety features that allow you to browse the internet with some degree of protection. It can help prevent tracing your IP address back to your computer.

Obtain a new email address expressly for communicating with us. We recommend Proton Mail or Start Mail. Do not use any part of your name in the email address you create. Create a secure password for the account. Use this account only to communicate with us. Do not use it for any other purpose. Do not use IMAP or POP email clients with this account. Use the TOR browser to access the email account.

We accept PDF and other non-scripting document formats (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.) – absolutely NO Microsoft Word or other word processing documents. No spreadsheet documents. No executable or script files of any kind. We will not even attempt to download these files.

Attach your files to an email and send them to us. For large files (video/audio), contact us in advance and we will instruct you in how to get them to us securely. Be aware that Idaho is a One-Party state with respect to secretly recording audio or video. If you do not understand this, become familiar with these laws before submission to us.

Submit your documents to

We’ll Take It From There

Starting with this information, we will investigate further. We’re pros at investigative journalism. We will use every tool at our disposal to uncover the truth.

If you are unsure of the value of your information, send it to us anyway. We’ll evaluate it and let you know if you are onto something.

As always, your anonymity is paramount.