Rep. Greg Chaney: History Of Domestic Violence

Rep. Greg Chaney

Rep. Greg Chaney

Rep. Greg Chaney is currently serving his 3rd term in the Idaho State Legislature. He serves as chairman on the Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee and serves on the powerful Revenue & Taxation Committee. Rep. Chaney currently represents Idaho’s Legislative District 10.

Police Report

On 1/31/2009, Officer C. Yates of the Nampa Police Department filed a police report implicating Rep. Greg Chaney in a domestic violence assault/battery (in the presence of a minor) charge. The incident Report number is N09-03612.

The report names Sheila Christina Chaney as the victim with Rep. Gregory D. Chaney as the offender, Gregory B. Chaney, Keamu Rampola, James M. Chaney and Isaac J. Chaney as witnesses.

Other charges in the report include False Imprisonment and Disruption of 911 Line/Instrument.

Officers responding to the scene report that Rep. Gregory D. Chaney had blood on his wrists and shirt collar.

According to the police report, “It was established during the investigation that Gregory D. Chaney on 1/31/2009 at the residence did use both verbal threats and physical force upon Sheila C. Rampola.” The police report further states that, “it was established that Gregory D. Chaney did willfully deny free movement or egress, from the bedroom area and the general living area to Sheila C. Rampola.”

It was also determined in the report that Rep. Chaney threatened to cut his own throat.

Rep. Chaney was arrested for “1 count of Battery Enhanced in the Presence of Children, 1 Count of Disruption of a 911 Call/Communications Instrument, False Imprisonment and Malicious Injury to Property.”

Sheila C. Rampola was treated for a broken finger as a result of the incident.

In a hand-written letter to the judge presiding over Rep. Greg Chaney’s hearing, Rep. Chaney’s mother indicates that Rep. Chaney’s “erratic behavior and poor judgement has resulted in his termination from the Nampa Police Department and later from the Marine Reserves.”

Rep. Chaney was sentenced to 6 months in jail for crime related to this incident. All but three days of the sentence were suspended.

Analysis & Opinion

While this is “old news,” it serves to underscore the continued toleration and even sanctioning of malfeasance and reprehensible behavior by members of the Idaho Legislature.

We urge Rep. Chaney’s constituents to read the entire police report.