UPDATED 5/14/2020 – Kootenai County GOP Chairman, Brent Regan v. Boise Leaks

Kootenai County GOP Chairman, Brent Regan

Leaked screenshots from inside a secret on-line chat between Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) members reveal Republican leadership’s disdain for independent journalism and, in particular, Boise Leaks and Chuckle Berries On-Line.

The images presented here are excerpts from secret on-line “chat” sessions in which Brent Regan, along with other members of the KCRCC were discussing certain North Idaho political candidates. Apparently, Brent Regan’s comments were aimed at candidates whom he believed had received an endorsement from Chuckle Berries On-Line or Boise Leaks.

Boise Leaks reports information given to us for the sole purpose of facilitating government transparency and public discourse. Our release of what might be interpreted as negative information about one candidate or public official, should not be interpreted as an endorsement of his/her opponent(s). Boise Leaks does not endorse political candidates.

Brent Regan goes on to suggest that an “endorsement” from Boise Leaks or Chuckle Berries is tantamount to an endorsement by Larry Spencer.

Chuckle Berries On-Line has done numerous articles on Larry Spencer. While Mr. Spencer may be of political importance to some in Kootenai County, we have determined that Larry Spencer has little or no impact on state politics. Larry Spencer is mentioned here only to emphasize Brent Regan’s disdain for Boise Leaks and independent, on-line journalism in general, through an unfavorable comparison to someone he (and others) apparently dislike.

Analysis and Opinion

Brent Regan’s comments relating to Boise Leaks are rather curious, as Brent Regan has, in our view, stymied investigations and/or public censuring of political candidates that have either donated to the KCRCC or are a potential benefactor to organizations with which Brent Regan is affiliated. It cannot go unnoticed that the Kootenai County Elections sub-committee, chaired by Clark Albritton, has concluded that the earlier reports by this news site are pretty well documented and therefore factual.

Most notable of these reports is our initial report on Doug Okuniewicz, whose large contributions to Democratic candidates are being ignored by the KCRCC, unlike those of 2018 Gubernatorial candidate, Tommy Ahlquist, whose contributions to Democratic candidates were soundly condemned in a resolution by the entire KCRCC.

Readers who have any additional information on these secret on-line meetings are encouraged to contact us with this information at boiseleaks@protonmail.com.

UPDATE 5/14/2020 – Regan Responds

KCRCC Chairman, Brent Regan, responded to our revelations by issuing the following statement on his Facebook page…

Brent Regan Responds

Mr. Regan’s comments were akin to the comments made by District 2 House Candidate, Doug Okuniewicz, in that they contained only denials, name-calling and accusations with no explanation or accompanying documentation to refute what we published. As of this date, Mr. Regan has made no further effort to contact us.

In a recent article published by chuckleberriesonline.com, a reader commented, “…Boise Leaks published screenshots from a private KCRCC chat. Now the leadership is upset that information was leaked. If you receive any screenshots from KCRCC messages or chats can you not publish them? Or at least ask Brent first?”

We would expect that the KCRCC Leadership would be upset that they have whistle-blowers in their midst. No politician, government or party official is pleased when their secret machinations are made public. We are grateful that there are some among the GOP that still value truth and demand that their leaders remain accountable.

This is exactly why Boise Leaks was founded: Inform the public and let Court of Public Opinion decide the case.

Boise Leaks is not affiliated with Chuckle Berries. We share no personnel in common. We do not speak for them. We simply report what others send us.

Let it be known, however, that Boise Leaks will never ask permission from any government or party official before we unleash the truth.