Our Response to Doug Okuniewicz’s Allegations

Doug Okuniewicz

Okuniewicz: Boise Leaks Is Fake News

On January 7, 2020 Boise Leaks released a report on District 2 Republican House Candidate, Douglas Okuniewicz. The report included references to various government documents in relation to Doug Okuniewicz’s political action committee (PAC), Winning For Idaho.

On February 25, 2020, Doug Okuniewicz responded to a request from Party official, Bjorn Handeen, for a statement in response to the information we released. Copy of the letter courtesy of www.chuckleberriesonline.com.

In that statement Okuniewicz claims that Boise Leaks is “Fake News.” By labeling us “Fake News,” Okuniewicz avoids responsibility for the actions he, his employers and his PAC have taken. By labeling Boise Leaks as Fake News, Okuniewicz avoids criticism for his PAC’s support of Democratic candidates.

Boise Leaks is not a “opposition research” site. We are not in the employ of any candidate or organization. We serve the public by being a venue for publishing information that candidates like Doug Okuniewicz wish to keep hidden from the public.

Chuckleberries Online has done an excellent job of pointing out the falsities in Doug Okuniewicz’s statement. We strongly suggest you read their point by point rebuttal, as we are not going to repeat the excellent work that Chuckleberries Online has already done.

All of the documents published by Boise Leaks are either government documents or links to articles that have some connection to those documents. We contend that it is up to the reader to investigate what we published and come to their own conclusions.

Should candidates for public office feel that we have treated them unfairly or have falsely accused them, they are welcome to refute what we publish. They can freely contact us with contradicting documentation. They can also take their case directly to the governing agencies who are the originators of the publicly available documents in question.

We have never been contacted by Doug Okuniewicz. Nor have we been contacted by any government agencies regarding our initial report.

Doug Okuniewicz is a candidate for public office. He voluntarily entered the arena of public scrutiny. He can choose to admit that he has done exactly what the documentation proves. He can elect to stop shifting the blame onto others. Or, he can continue to deny, deflect and denigrate the messenger(s). The choice is his.

Our Challenge to Okuniewicz

As of this date, we have yet to receive any contradictory documentation from any source showing our published documentation is false. Should Doug Okuniewicz, or anyone else, decide to submit documentation that contradicts ours, we will happily receive it, review it and if shown to reveal an error on our part, publish it.